Difenser Premium Battery by Dilizer

  • Stainless steel housing for extremely long durability
  • Mains operation with integrated power supply and 2.4 m PowerCon cable
  • Battery operation 22 hours continuous use or 16 days standby
    Up to 10 liter disinfectant capacity
  • Switchable LED illumination
  • Tilt sensor – no triggering during transport, despite switched on device
  • Fluid detection sensors – Filling of the entire system after canister change. This ensures disinfectant is discharged each time the unit is triggered
  • Antistatic return tank with a capacity of up to 5 liters
  • Easy adjustment of the dosing quantity from 0.5 – 3 ml per burst
  • Digital IR sensor for precise hand detection
  • Transport roller for easy movement and set-up with one person
  • Canister leakage protection during transport


Professional dispenser for hand disinfection

Combine safety with high quality design.

Stainless steel housing for robust use even outdoors and extremely long durability.
Mains operation with integrated power supply and 2.4 m PowerCon cable and battery operation for 22 hours continuous use or 16 days standby.

Also available as Difenser Basic with powder-coated steel housing.

With the dispenser from Dilizer you have a reliable hand sanitizer dispenser for your business. Be it a shopping mall, retail store, open-plan office or a facility such as museums, libraries or government offices.

20,000 strokes

The 10l. Canister disinfectant stowed in the device is sufficient for up to 20,000 activations. Thus, constant changing of the disinfectant is a thing of the past.

No empty shocks thanks to advance detection

With the help of integrated sensors, the Difenser detects when no more disinfectant is being aspirated and indicates this with red LEDs. After the canister has been changed, all hoses are refilled fully automatically so that the set amount of liquid is always dispensed.

No sparking

The spray chamber, made of the highest quality Corian, is completely electrically isolated from the rest of the unit. This reduces the risk of a spark from an electrically charged person and a potential hazard from the sprayed disinfectant.

Uniform distribution

The specially designed discharge nozzle ensures an even and targeted distribution of disinfectant on the hand.

Thus, the set discharge quantity is completely used by the user. The discharge angle is selected so that no fluid sprays beyond the spray chamber. This protects the surrounding floor from damage.

No sedimentation

Disinfectant that drips down is collected in the Corian spray chamber and collected in an integrated and antistatic collection container for later disposal.
Corian complies with fire protection class B according to EN 13501-1.

Low operating costs

With up to 10 l. Capacity, the Difenser is designed for up to 20,000 shocks. The canister change works 1 to 1 and is done within a few seconds. The matching Dilizer EtOH80 disinfectant is available on request.

Simple operation

With the help of the three rotary knobs, the device can be switched on and off, the LEDs for permanent illumination can be operated and the fluid quantity of 0.5 – 3 ml (RKI specification, as of 2020) per shock can be set.

Built-in automatic switch-off

Due to the built-in tilt sensor, the device detects when it is tilted, e.g. for transport or in case of vandalism. Automatically the automatic shut-off is switched off and the hoses are closed. This prevents disinfectant from escaping.