FanAx Mini

The 150 watt wind machine is in 12.5 seconds at full power and generates there 1605 m³ / h volume flow.
The fan can be controlled via DMX, in stand-alone or via cable remote control and is so, flexible use.
Due to the extremely quiet operation, the fan is ideal for the theater area and TV and film studios.

Due to the various fuses and the encapsulated motor, a long service life is guaranteed.


A flexible powerhouse. The bracket allows the FanAx Mini to be used on a tripod or even on a truss. This powerful fan with additional blades for a more directed airflow offers lightning-fast performance, in high quality. With many safety features, long life is guaranteed. With current ERP compliant and IP 54 installed motor, it efficiently converts the power.

We provide 3 years warranty on our devices.

Of course: Made in Germany