Fog Blaster

The Fog Blaster is an innovative effect fog machine that creates impressive CO2 effects without the use of CO2. This eliminates the cost of CO2 containers and the installation of CO2 detectors indoors. The unit can be used flexibly in horizontal or vertical orientation and is controlled via DMX and Ethernet using ArtNet or sACN protocol. With its four channels, the Fog Blaster allows precise adjustment of the fog time, fountain height and standby of the unit. The ease of use, robust design and cost effective solution make the Fog Blaster an ideal device for memorable events such as concerts, theater performances, club events and corporate parties.


Master Blaster!

CO2 shooter effect simulator, without CO2

The Fog Blaster is a new and innovative way to create impressive effects at events. Compared to conventional CO2 shooters that simply emit CO2, the Fog Blaster creates a CO2 effect without the use of CO2. This not only creates fascinating effects, but also saves costs and avoids logistical challenges.

Significant costs can be saved by not using CO2. There is no need to store large CO2 cylinders and refill them regularly. This means less effort and lower expenses for operating the unit.

Another advantage of the Fog Blaster is that no CO2 detector needs to be installed indoors. Conventional shooters that use CO2 often require the installation of CO2 detectors for safety reasons. The Fog Blaster eliminates this additional measure, as the device operates CO2-free, allowing safe indoor use.

The Fog Blaster can be operated in all positions and can also be mounted upside down on the truss using the optionally available hanging set.

The Fog Blaster is controlled via DMX and Ethernet using ArtNet or sACN protocol. This allows the unit to be easily integrated into existing lighting infrastructures. The fog times can be set in 100 ms steps directly on the device or via the console. Individual setting of the fog time is also possible to adapt the effects even better to the respective event. In stand-alone mode, the Fog Blaster can also be triggered for testing.
Via RDM, any errors can be read directly on the console or, for example, the DMX address can be set.

Due to the extremely efficient use of the available energy, the fog output is much higher than many comparable devices from the Far East.
The permanent temperature control on the microprocessors ensures that the evaporation temperature is always correct. This ensures that no harmful substances are produced by vaporizing too hot, or that the device “spits” unvaporized fluid.

By using an integrated 2 liter tank, sensors for level detection could be installed. Thus, the fill level can be read as 3/3, 2/3, 1/3 and “empty” directly on the device or via RDM on the console.

The Fog Blaster has four channels that provide comprehensive control of the device. The first three channels can be used to set the fog time and fountain height and to shoot the Blaster. The fourth channel serves as a control channel to turn off the device or pause it.

Another plus point of the Fog Blaster is its ease of use. Thanks to its robust design and compact construction, the device is quickly and easily ready for use. It also requires little maintenance and has a long service life, making it a cost-effective solution for events of all kinds.
We recommend the Smoke Factory Fast Fog Extra III for the Fog Blaster, with which the effect of a CO2 shooter can be created most realistically.
Other fluids should not be used, as the temperature control is tuned to this fluid.

When using original fluid, we grant a 3-year warranty on our devices.

Of course: Made in Germany

The Fog Blaster is ideal for concerts, theater performances, club events and corporate parties to make your event an unforgettable experience. Try it out and let the quality and performance of the Fog Blaster convince you.