Remote control

Remote control for all Smoke Factory devices with analog input.

Press and hold button 1 to start the fogging process.
Only a short press of the key has no function. The
Release the button to stop the fogging process.

Coupling of several hand transmitters to one receiver, triggering of several receivers with one push-button and coupling of several receivers per one of the 4 buttons possible.

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With the Smoke Factory remote control V5 all devices from our company can be controlled.

The radio remote control is a UHF radio system consisting of a radio switch / hand transmitter and a receiver.

The fogging process can be started by pressing and holding the pre-programmed button 1 on the remote control. Only a short press of the key has no function. Releasing the button stops the fogging process.

Important: The pump value set on the machine is output.

The radio system operates on the two frequencies 433.62 MHz (frequency 1) or 434.22 MHz (frequency 2). Setting a jumper sets the operating frequency. At delivery, frequency 1 is preselected as the operating frequency.

The radio switch can control a maximum of 4 channels. These four channels can be individual receivers or receiver groups. Each channel can control an unlimited number of receivers.
As delivered, button 1 of the radio switch is coupled to the receiver. The wireless switch can therefore be used immediately without any further configuration.

The radio remote control is designed for long ranges, approx. 100 m under optimal conditions. The radio switch penetrates walls and even reinforced concrete. For maximum range, visual contact between radio switch and receiver is absolutely essential.

Made in Germany