Spaceball II

Small and compact, but full to the brim with the latest technology: DMX, microprocessor, timer

Good output with low power consumption, standard in flightcase.

Ideal for small and medium-sized jobs:

Dry Hire, Party, Top 40, mobile DJ


Small and compact with impressive output.

Always ready installed in a touring case, our most compact mains dependent fog machine comes along. Despite the low 650 Watt heating power, it has an enormous output that will amaze your guests. The compact dimensions allow the device to be placed in any small gap, so that it is usually not even noticed until the release.

Since the Spaceball II, like all Smoke Factory devices, can be tilted to either side and operated, it is perfectly suited to create a fountain effect on stage in vertical operation. In combination with our Fast Fog EXTRA a CO2 similar effect is achieved. If, on the other hand, the Heavy Fog PLUS is used, the small device can quickly be used to fog a small detached house for a fire drill.

The Spaceball II is equipped with all the technical refinements that Captain D. or Data II have. An integrated timer, control via the 3-pole analogue input, i.e. with an optionally available cable or radio remote control, via DMX512 or of course in stand-alone operation.

The permanent temperature control on the microprocessors ensures that the evaporation temperature is always correct. This ensures that no harmful substances are produced by too hot evaporation or that the device “spits” unevaporated fluid.

Like all Smoke Factory devices, the Spaceball II has a quick-release system that allows the canister to be changed within seconds.

If original fluid is used, we grant 3 years warranty on our devices.

Of course: Made in Germany

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