Tour Hazer Fluid

Special fluid for our Tour Hazer II.

For a clean and safe evaporation process, it is extremely important to use only the original fluid.
This guarantees optimum results, minimum consumption and a long service life of the device.

This is the only way to avoid damage to the evaporator and unclean evaporation.



Available in 3l., 5l., 25l., 200l. and 1000l. containers. Containers.


Guaranteed purity of ingredients according to DAB
(German Pharmacopoeia) and USP (United States Pharma).
Oil-free, completely water dilutable, biological
degradable, non-flammable and almost odourless.
Permanent quality control.
Available in 3l, 5l, 25l, 200l and 1000l containers. Containers.

Please note: Incorrect fluid destroys your device and brings
the warranty to expire. With the right one, to your device
suitable, quality-monitored and certified fog fluid
always drive well and cheaply.

You can download a clearance certificate and an EU safety data sheet for each of our fluids.