Tour Hazer II “S” Phenol

Unobtrusive, but efficient, the room fills with a delicate

Designer Haze. Ideal for beam effects & moving light shows.

Mist volume & fan separately adjustable, also via DMX.

Ready for transport in three different Touringcases available or in the handy BOXED version.

The Tour Hazer II “S” Phenol is delivered in a touring case with phenolic resin coating.

Made in Germany


The Tour Hazer II is a Hazer with experience on stages all over the world.

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Due to the water-based fluid, a clean production of fine Haze is possible. The special fluid of the Tour Hazer allows us to minimize the consumption of the device. So the Tour Hazer II needs only 1 ml/min for 40% performance. A 5ltr. canister Tour Hazer Fog is therefore sufficient for 83 hours, i.e. 3.5 days of continuous Haze. On a lower setting, running times of up to 5 days of continuous Haze can be achieved with a 5 litre canister.

Two DMX channels allow an individual effect that can be adjusted from very fine, barely visible Haze to fog-like output.

With the standard Phenol Case, the device is set up within a few seconds after removing the case lid. Only 60 seconds after plugging in the power cable the Tour Hazer II is heated up and ready for use.
The Phenol Case is manufactured in Germany and has been protecting our Hazer for over 10 years in the tough touring world.

Another advantage of the Casedesigns is a start-up, in almost every position. Only on the side with the leather inlet, the device should not be tilted during operation. This means that the Tour Hazer II can also be optimally placed on small stages.

With the variable air baffle, the Haze can still be steered in the desired direction.

The use of high-quality materials guarantees a long lifetime of the device.

Only the Tour Hazer Fluid should be used in order to use the device effectively and to maintain its long service life!

If original fluid is used, we grant 3 years warranty on our devices.

Made in Germany